Patrick Simpson


Finding out about Heroku removing the free tier does sting a bit. Being one of the first PaaS services I ever used, it’s a little sad to see it go. I wonder if free PaaS is a pipe dream? At some point free becomes impossible. I am sure there will be others to give it a shot… but for how long? We need to be able to be flexible, learn to pivot if need be or just pay up. So, here’s one ☕ Heroku, thanks for making your free tier service, it was great while it lasted.



I have not used Render, but it looks like it can do just about all what Heroku does (Host rails, php, nodejs, etc.. with a free tier).


Aws has a free tier. It might more complex, but you can get something up and running for free using a myriad of services:


Reminds me of Divshot 🪦 (who remembers that?) great for static hosting, free.

Github Pages

I personally use Github Pages. It’s great, it’s fast and easy to get your static store hosted!