Patrick Simpson

Action over Words

This recent article by DHH resonates with me pretty significantly, actions > arguments.

As my mom put it… “actions speak louder than words.”

When it comes to engineering, doing beats talking. Many organizations (think big corporations) are paralyzed by non-action, or too many words spoken and not enough fingers on keyboards.

The ‘bloatifcation’ of engineering teams starts by inaction, a lot of talk, not a lot of doing. What happens after, is anyone’s guess.

Talk is cheap. If you say you’re going to do something, make sure you follow through with action.


I’ve been reading about MRSK…

MRSK deploys web apps anywhere from bare metal to cloud VMs using Docker with zero downtime.

Looking for a quick function in lodash? Check out no-dash. It may easier than you realize:!/nolodash

A full stack monitoring platform:

Do you even need web-pack?

Dang dude, I feel for you:

Make your rails console much better:

Want to make your own weather app? Check out this API: