Patrick Simpson

10+ years blogging

Blog Progression

It all started with wordpress, back in 2011 I wrote this post about stuff I was learning on the job. Though this was converted from wordpress, to I kept all my posts as Markdown. This turned out to be a really good move in portability.

I then tried some weird combination of Harp/Gatsby in 2014 (really turned me off of Gatsby though, too much crap!) into writing the pretty stable custom built JavaScript version in 2018/2019

All that being said, I still was not writing as much as I thought I would which comes down to a completely different issue (not going to address my lack of content here...)

It has been about 3 years since I originally wrote the JavaScript blog engine that powered my blog for about that much time. It was pretty good, but I felt, after using it for those years it was lacking what I like most about other platforms. Ease of adding content!

About 6 months ago, I added the micro feed into my blog, which allowed me to quickly post a thought to my blog, which is what started me down this path. I wanted a way to do this with my entire site. Naturally the choice was to use Rails, which I have come to really enjoy using both personally and professionally.


I now have rewritten this blog powered by Rails. All posts, micro posts are stored in an tiny sqlite database, through Rails. This gives me nearly 100% autonomy from any other service, which is great!

That being said, I have not released the source code of said blog yet, I still have some work to do there, but I will soon, it would be pretty cool if someone else thought it was useful and good enough for their own. I do plan on this soon!

But now, for now... Rails wins.