Command Line Tips & Tricks

Pipe | is Awesome

It's worth bringing up again, because it's such a simple program but has the potential for infinite possibilities.

The Unix philosophy is to do one thing and do it well, the pipe or | hinges on this by redirecting the output of a program as the input of another.

This means, anything can be used by anything... :boom:

NPX :thumbsdown:

Forget npx, try this:

export PATH="node_modules/.bin:$PATH"

This hack makes anything in your node_modules/.bin directory accessible to you as a runnable program based on your relative path. Meaning.. if you npm install you can run them without using NPX or pathing to the bin directory every time.

TL;DR Manpages

This is a fantastic idea:

For a person that got the whole "RTFM" thing in the past... this makes life a whole lot easier.

The Book of Secret Knowledge

This repository is not meant to contain everything but only good quality stuff.

There's A LOT of good quality stuff here for sure, checkout the one liners and shell-functions for example... but I might as well just share the entire thing. Here is a link to The Book of Secret Knowledge