Patrick Simpson

Dizzee for Emacs

I needed a way to run multiple applications at the same time that didn't involve opening multiple terminal sessions.


Dizzee is a small little emacs tool that enables running seperate project commands to run without leaving emacs.

First you want to install dizzee (via melpa):

In your emacs settings file settings.el

lisp (use-package dizzee :ensure t :config (progn (defvar dz-projects "~/dotfiles/emacs/dz-projects.el") (if (file-exists-p dz-projects) (load-file dz-projects))) )

A project is defined in your dz-projects.el file such as:

lisp (dz-defservice cool-project-client "npm" :args ("run" "serve") :cd "/Users/patrick/github/cool-project-client")

and say you want a project running a server...

lisp (dz-defservice cool-project-server "rails" :args ("server" "-p" "3001") :cd "/Users/patrick/github/cool-project-server")

What dizzee does is start these processes within emacs, lets you start/stop these servers without leaving Emacs.

You could even setup a keybind (or hyrdra) to launch your applications! Or simply M-x cool-project-start.