Goodbye, Google Analytics

Today, I've parted ways with Google Analytics (GA) 👋.

CloudFront Analytics

For now, I will simply use CloudFront's analytics. This is nice because it tracks even non-HTML requests (like rss.xml, and robots.txt).

CloudFront also gives you additional information, misses, requests from cache, etc. This far exceeds the abilities of GA.

Lastly, CloudFront analytics are not blocked by Brave or other content/source blockers like GA. This is a huge win for me, and for you!

Gzipping; Page Speed

After removing GA and adding the gzip step to my deployment script, I ran some performance tests.


  • Dropped "visually complete" load time by 0.2 seconds!
  • Total size from 69KB to 7KB, 62KB reduction (wow, gzip).
  • Dropped "fully loaded time" from 0.930 seconds to 0.435 seconds!

Impressed? 😏

Speed Test Screen Shots

Before removing GA and adding gzip:

After removing GA and adding gzipping: