Patrick Simpson

Happy Birthday - Two Years Old!

Today, my little girl turns two.

Two years ago this day, my wife and I started a journey that would change our family.

It would bring us closer together, in faith and in love.

Samantha was born without the left side of her heart. We would spend, eight weeks in the hospital, most of which spent in the Cardic ICU (CICU) at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital.

Samantha After Surgery

Abbey and I spent six of those weeks staying at the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House, which I will be forever grateful for. (Donate if you can.)

After all of that uncertainty, the emotional roller coaster we rode nearly everyday in the hospital -- we are here two years later, healthy and strong. She still uses a G-Tube for food and is on exactly one medicine. She has made it. We love our baby. Our two year old angel.

Samantha Today

Don't give up, don't give in. Have faith, it will get better.

God bless.