I Love Vim

Much like Aaron Bieber, I started out coding using Vim. (Check out all his great write ups, like this one).

And, I do love Vim. It is still one of the greatest editors of all time, and being an Evil mode user, I love the default keybindings Vim has to offer.

Vim is, highly configurable with many packages/plugins available. There's a steep learning curve, but worth the productivity increase overtime. It's worth the investment.

One of the the biggest advantage to Vim Bindings (aside from all the plugins and keyboard shortcuts you can add to your workflow), with the default keybindings, you never have to take your hands off the keyboard or far from the "home row."

Vim was designed to be used on systems without Graphical User Interfaces, with limited mouse support. This is a huge advantage on servers, but another advantage is performance.

Learn vim.