Patrick Simpson

New Mac Book Pro

Mac Book


I've recently been asked about how I felt about the new Mac Book pro. As a semi recent convert to Apple laptops (~2011), I wouldn't consider myself labeled an Apple fan boy.

My list of major deal breakers, for now:

The Bad

Mag Safe

Mag Safe -- Amazing invention, something that always was a problem for my PC Laptops was the power port would eventually break. This kind of problem plauges micro usb connectors (like the Kindle Fire)

So, why ditch Mag Safe for USB-C power?

Mag Safe

Keyboard / Touch bar

The keyboard is plagued with issues and concerns. Recently this was addressed but I am still cautious. And for me, as a developer... No ESC key? I use it with my development editors Emacs and vim.

I thought Apple was going toward "Face Id" which I am not really a fan of (privacy, and other reasons).

Yes, the Touch Id is cool. That's about it... oh.

touch id


I can kind of see where this is going; it makes sense to go this route, logically. But we're not ready yet.

Why not a transitional port on one side (along with a Mag Safe power adapter port)?


Eh, it's comparable, but you can find better hardware out there for cheaper (not that that's the only deciding factor).

The Good

Track pad

This is still great, and one of the reasons I can't use any other track pad... they actually work great and once you learn some gestures, it's even better. I hope it only continues to improve.

Mac OS

Mac OS is fine. It does what I need it to do, most of the time. I feel like I am buying little 10 dollar apps here and there, but all in all it's pretty good. Though, I've been trying developing on Linux and can really see myself using it instead. Not much is missing... if anything important is missing, there's a workaround. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Wrap Up

One thing that blew me away about Apple's products was how nice they felt physically. Basically, it didn't feel like crappy plastic that's easily broken into non-working junk. I still have my hopes that Apple will come out with a new Mac Book that will blow me away again. Why they went the route they did on these things is beyond me. They'll listen to their customers, hopefully.