Patrick Simpson


Hello everyone, just wanted to let you know that our daughter Samantha Claire Simpson was born on 9-19-2012 at 3:59 am. Woo! She was 7 lbs 4 oz of pure sweet joy.

Samantha moments after birth

As you are all probably aware, she has a heart defect that will keep her in the hospital for weeks if not months. We are currently in the waiting game. The first hours of life for Samantha have already been hard, as she was wisked away at birth to the NICU at Miami Valley Hospital. I have to give them credit though, for allowing us to see her at any time we wanted. I appericated those nurses and doctors that cared for our baby, thank you. She has since been transfered to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and is currently going to be there for the duration.

Right now the CICU is keeping her in stable condition, closely watching, until the surgical conference on Tuesday (9/25). They are going to discuss her case in conference to determine the best course of action for her. Her diagnosis seems to have changed again, but its still all pretty similar to the original diagnosis. This time they called it Shones Complex (

She will most likely have some kind of open heart surgery or another. We just don’t know what the surgery will be yet. She continues to do very well though and has no other complications other than typical ICU things.

Right now, Abbey and I am staying with my Brother nearby until we can get a room in the Ronald McDonald house next to the hospital. Abbey is doing very well for having a child only days ago.

Samantha 3 days old Anyway, thank you for all the thoughts & prayers we appreciate it.

God Bless