The Little Things

We own a small flock of chickens. We don't do it for savings on food, by no means does it save us any money on eggs. Free eggs? I don't think so.

Every spring we usually add a few more to the flock. This weekend we picked up a few baby chicks.

This morning, I noticed a chick barely moving...I was sure this chick going to die. I mentioned to my wife on the way out the door as I certainly didn't have time to care for the little thing... and I expected to bury it later that day.

Nursing a baby chick back to health:

To my surprise, my daughter spent many hours hand feeding this baby chick. Feeding it sugar water and cleaning it's butt regulary throughout the day she rescued it! And the chick seems perfectly fine now.

The chick had something called “pasty butt” which is pretty common and it is treatable if caught in time. If only I had the time...

The little things matter, that's why we have chickens.