Patrick Simpson

Using Gatsby - Part I


If you know me, you know that I don’t have a great tract record for a blog. I’ve used Wordpress, Ember, Ghost, and even my own crazy hacked blog. None of which has worked out for me unfortunately.

Fast Forward

This is third time I've attempted a Gatsby site. First time, was pre GraphQL, which I actually did get up and running at some point.

My second attempt was not good. It was several days after the initial launch of Gatsby 1.0.0. I joined up the discord chat, filed a bug, but never got it off the ground.

The New Gatsby

GraphQL is sort of mind bending at first... With it, you're defining the data structure that you want. The GraphQL engine takes care of the rest.

GraphQL is also a server running against whatever data you feed it, and with Gatsby (this blog) I am using the filesystem plugin, which means I have access to queries against my filesystem.

I started out following the tutorial of course, but you can check out the code for this blog, it’s a not too far off from the tutorial. I’ve tagged it here.


Also, what’s cool about Gatsby, It’s doing all this on my local (my development box), I can build/publish without worrying about needing these services, and well that’s all I need for a blog.

Next Post

I wanted to post everything in here tonight, but I'll split it up. I've got some code to share and of course my ever so priceless commentary.

My next post I want to write about:

  • A simple GraphQL Query and what it means.
  • My deployment method, less friction, more writing.
  • Any gotchas I found while using Gatsby.

Keep up the great work Kyle, it shows.